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Language Services

At JMF Translations Language Services we provide an expert team of native speaking translators providing exceptional quality work to clients across the UK and Europe.

In an increasingly multinational business world, the language barrier is still one of the most significant challenges faced by any business, and especially those selling products into international markets which need packaging, marketing materials and instruction manuals prepared in up to 20 different languages. With over a decade of expertise working with commercial clients throughout the UK and Europe we have translated over 40 different languages, specialising in native speakers with a range of experience and specialist expertise in areas like technical engineering, manufacture, safety and public relations.

Whatever your language requirements, JMF Translations deliver the highest quality standards through a range of services;

Translation of written documents

With specialist expertise in translating often complex technical documents, our skilled team can quickly turnaround word perfect translations of technical manuals, training literature, safety procedures, sales and marketing materials, legal documents and business tenders.

Translation typesetting and design

Of course once you have the translation you also need it all laid out nicely in the same graphic design template as the original; a tough task when most languages vary greatly in the amount of words used to describe anything. We have over a decade of experience producing perfect typesetting across multiple languages.

Language services projects

See some of the typical work we take on in translation.

Our focus on native speakers typically still living at home ensures our translated materials use modern phrasing and style, whilst our quality control team check all the details of grammar, punctuation, clarity and accuracy for the best possible results. We like to deliver work we are proud of and enjoy regular repeat business from our clients, some of whom have been with us throughout our 12 year history; we know that in business you need a translator you can really trust and do everything we can to meet that challenge.

Get exceptional translation of Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and other foreign language services from the expert team; contact us at JMF Translations Language Services today to discuss your requirements.

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