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Design Projects

Our design capabilities can lend themselves to almost any kind of printed materials from legal contracts to marketing brochures with particular expertise in manufacture and engineering.

We translate, typeset and reformat a huge range of products and publications into multi-language versions that maintain a consistent look, style, design and printing cost that simplifies distribution across different territories. Our team have the experience and facilities to create or edit almost any type of design project to the highest possible quality standards.

Just a few of the products and materials we regularly design, typeset and translate includes;

  • Marketing and sales brochures
  • Advertising and PR literature
  • Technical operating manuals
  • Software localisation
  • Annual company reports
  • Business prospectuses
  • Legal documents
  • Contracts and licensing agreements

Our speciality in technical translation has built us up considerable experience in the manufacturing and engineering industries requiring exceptional clarity in typesetting and design to communicate complex information. Packaging together expert translation in over 40 languages with classic, uncluttered and clean design work to a consistent quality standard you can rely on we always deliver conscientious, effective and accurate work our team can be proud of.

Highest standards in design, typesetting and translation across the UK

Based just outside London our expertise and specialisation in the most demanding translation and multi-language typesetting brings us clients from across the UK and Europe. Some of our most recent British work has been completed for customers in Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Coventry, Nottingham and Leicester.

Whatever your graphic design or typesetting requirements especially in multi-language and highly technical documents speak to the experts at JMF Translations Graphic Design Services; contact us today to arrange a no obligation quotation with one of our team.

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