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Design & Typesetting

We maintain a fully equipped design studio at our UK base in Essex with a team of designers experienced in multi-language design and typesetting on all kinds of commercial and business projects.

Developed as a natural evolution to our language translation services sister company, our graphic design team bring over a decade of experience in creating and working with a huge range of print documents and materials ranging from business advertising to legal contracts. Our designers work with all the latest software systems and can deliver work in a wide range of styles to fit cleanly in with your own brand and style whether you want traditional and reserved, modern and minimal or bright and eye catching.

Our diverse range of graphic design and print preparation services includes;

  • Sales and marketing brochures
  • PR and advertising materials
  • Technical operating manuals
  • Software localisation
  • Business reports and prospectuses
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Foreign language typesetting
  • Expert translation services

When translating a document into multiple languages it is always preferable for the copy to fit the same design layout and template as for the original; with very few languages using the same amount of words to describe almost anything this can be a complex and specialist task we have many years experience in. Often provided alongside our foreign language translation services we can also offer the design and typesetting expertise as an independent service as required.

We take pride in exceptional levels of customer service and care, maintaining relationships with some clients through 12 years of repeat business and gaining most of our work by recommendation and good word of mouth. Taking the greatest care in attention to details and really delivering to our client’s requirements we provide design to businesses based throughout the UK and across much of western Europe.

You can find full details of our graphic design and typesetting work on the design services and design projects pages of this website, or learn more about our graphic design work and how it fits into the larger company. We welcome enquiries at any time, experienced members of the team are always on hand to answer questions; contact us at JMF Translations Graphic Design Services today to learn more.

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