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Document Translation Services

Language TranslationsWe are a language translation company based in Essex, just outside of London, specialising in mother-tongue translations of marketing materials, legal documents, operating manuals and technical instruction manuals.

We offer over a decade of experience in all aspects of foreign language translation and typesetting to exceptional quality standards. We specialise in document translation services in London, including complex transcriptions of technical and legal language, utilising native speaking and professional translators still living in their home country to ensure accurate and modern use of language that will fit perfectly into your design and printing templates.

Our range of language services provided to commercial clients throughout the UK and Europe includes;

  • Transcription Services
  • Foreign language typesetting
  • Translation layout formatting
  • Mother-tongue translation in over 40 languages
  • Absolute client confidentiality guaranteed
  • Language services for legal documents

In addition to using the best translators for our document translation services, we also apply rigorous quality standards, with thorough proof reading and checking for correct vocabulary, grammar and punctuation before returning it to you or meeting your typesetting and layout requirements. These strict quality controls guarantee exceptional accuracy and have helped us build many long term relationships with clients stretching back to when the company was first established 12 years ago.

Our team can offer transcriptions in more  than 40 different languages, with multiple speakers offering additional specialist expertise such as law, engineering or sales copy for the most often-requested language translations. From our UK base just outside of London, our professional translators work for commercial enterprises throughout the UK and Europe including Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Belfast, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Kiev, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona, Milan and Prague.

You can find full details of the various languages that we are experts in on the translation services page of this website, or ring our London based office for more information. We also welcome new enquiries at any time and our experienced team is always on hand to answer your questions;​ contact us at JMF Translations today to discuss your requirements.

Translation Services

Document Translation ServicesDocument Translation Services In increasing globally, Of course, many native speakers are fluent in only one or two languages, often making communication with foreign clients problematic. JMF Translations Ltd will expertly handle any language matters for you, leaving your company free to trade with international customers at will.

Regardless of what language you are using, it is important that you always communicate with the correct diction, spelling and grammar. Our professional document translation services are provided only by highly skilled native speakers so that you can be assured of flawless translations every time.

As well as accurate text translation, our London based team also guarantee you a superbly professional presentation with their expert typesetting and formatting services, should you need them. All documentation we receive is treated with absolute confidentiality, giving you the confidence that your business dealings will be kept safe.

Comprehensive and Professional Translations

Trust is essential when hiring any translation company, but our document translation service company in London gives you the confidence to choose us due to the reputation we have built for high quality work and customer focused document translation services. You need to know that every translation is carried out by someone fluent in both languages so that they understand and use the exact phrasing and correct meaning throughout. Even an incorrect interpretation with a similar meaning could prove problematic, especially in legal translation tasks.

Hiring or investing in professional document translation services is essential if you want to make right impression with any international clients. Your website is often the first thing any potential client will see, so French, Italian, Arabic, German and Spanish translators are often invaluable for getting the right tone for your company, regardless of what language they are viewing it in.

Certified Translators

TranslatorsIf your business is operating in other countries or you are planning to do so in the future, the chances are that you will need to have documents translated to and from different languages. A lot of European business is done in French, Italian, Spanish or Arabic so there is a particular need for certified translators in these languages.

If you are considering broadening your business' opportunities by expanding into Africa, Asia, and South America or beyond, officially certified translators of all languages could become essential to your success.  In our London based office we have Certified Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian translators who are also highly important for people to help them with document translation services and people who working in the tourist sector as these languages are widely spoken outside their country of origin.

Expert language services for any purpose

With so many different languages in the world we may often find ourselves facing a language barrier. India, Russia and many other countries, particularly in the Far East, use different alphabet systems and without years of expertise in Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other languages, translations would simply be impossible.

Of course, not all translations are for business-related purposes which would normally require our document translation services. Our translators are an invaluable resource to anybody planning a holiday abroad. If you are visiting the rich cultures of the Eastern bloc, exploring the beautiful Greek Islands or planning a trip to stunning Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Dutch or Far Eastern cities, our language experts will help you understand directions, holiday publications and all manner of holiday documents.


For accurate and reliable translations for any personal or business-related requirements​, contact our friendly experts today.

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